The Palette Box (Set of 4)
The Palette Box (Set of 4)
The Palette Box (Set of 4)
The Palette Box (Set of 4)
The Palette Box (Set of 4)
The Palette Box (Set of 4)
The Palette Box (Set of 4)
The Palette Box (Set of 4)
The Palette Box (Set of 4)

The Palette Box (Set of 4)

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The Palette Box will get your taste buds twisted right from the get go. Explore a salty, earthy, nutty, smoky and aromatic flavours from the Palette Box. A perfect present for the larger than life and daring characters in your life.




1 * Edzè blend - means salt in the Ewe language from Ghana. The Edzè spice blend mimics the taste of Salt without the actual Salt.  The

Edzè blend has an earthy, sour and tangy flavour (with a slight smoky after taste). A fusion of African, Middle Eastern and Asian spices perfect for salads, breads, chicken & fish

ingredients - organic lime, ajwain seeds, sumac & spices


1 * Masala blend - Aromatic, earthy and woody spice blends made from 9 premium and organic spices - 80g

Ingredients - cinnamon, cumin, organic cloves & spices


1 * Xorla BBQ Rub - discover the nutty, earthy and smoky West African BBQ  Rub aptly named Xorla - 'Redeemer'.

The Xorla BBQ Rub is inspired by the classic Suya and Yaji spice blends of both Nigeria and Ghana and made from 11 unique premium and organic spices and herb formulation. Redeem your taste buds with a sprinkle over your meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. 

Ingredients - organic peanuts, Smoked Paprika - Organic, Cayenne Pepper, Grains of Selim, African Nutmeg & Spices - 80g - (Allergy: contains Peanuts)


1 * Herby blend -  Our carefully formulated Herby Blend is made from nutrient packed, wild and organic herbs; that are citrusy and herbaceous with an aromatic after taste.

A perfect blend of herbs that doubles up as an invigorating Herbal Tea to enjoy anytime of the day.

The Herby Blend loves a Tomato based recipe as it adds its robust herbaceous, woody and citrusy flavour to it.

Add a little Herby blend to your Stews , Soup, Fruit Compoté and Pies for that ultimate flavour pleasure.

 Ingredients - organic Rosemary, wild Thyme, wild Oregano, Kafir Lime, Parsley & Marjoram

Suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians. 



The Palette Box will have you questioning your taste buds.

The Edze blend has been paired with the earthy undertones of the Masala, the nutty, smoky flavour of the Xorla BBQ Rub and the aromatic Wild Herb blend. 

Dry roast for 2 minutes on a low heat before use. 




Made in an environment where Nuts and Crustaceans are used. Please Note: The Xorla BBQ Rub contains Peanuts. 



Store in a cool dark and dry place. Always use a dry spoon in scooping the spice blends. Best to freeze the blend and dry roast it for 3 minutes before use. 



 All spices in this collection are gluten free and suitable for Vegetarians.


no preservatives, additives, msg, salt or sugar