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The Meat Spice Blend Box (Set of 4)
The Meat Spice Blend Box (Set of 4)
The Meat Spice Blend Box (Set of 4)
The Meat Spice Blend Box (Set of 4)
The Meat Spice Blend Box (Set of 4)
The Meat Spice Blend Box (Set of 4)
The Meat Spice Blend Box (Set of 4)
The Meat Spice Blend Box (Set of 4)

The Meat Spice Blend Box (Set of 4)

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The Meat Spice Blend box contains 4 distinctive flavours that compliments any Meat perfectly.



1 * Rose Harissa Blend - North African inspired Rose Harissa has a floral, spicy and earthy flavour profile which works well with Meat, Chicken, Fish or Seafood. Best to use in recipes that requires chillies. 80g

Sprinkle a little over your natural yoghurt and use a dipping sauce


1* Xorla Barbecue Blend - discover the nutty, earthy and smoky West African BBQ  Rub aptly named Xorla - 'Redeemer'.

The Xorla BBQ Rub is inspired by the classic Suya and Yaji spice blends of both Nigeria and Ghana and made from 11 unique premium and organic spices and herb formulation. Redeem your taste buds with a sprinkle over your meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. 

Ingredients - organic peanuts, Smoked Paprika - Organic, Cayenne Pepper, Grains of Selim, African Nutmeg & Spices  - (Allergy: contains Peanuts)


1 * Piri Piri Blend - Africa’s birds eye chilli has been mixed with, citrus peels, smoked paprika, wild herbs and aromatic 6 other spices to make this smoky, earthy and tangy Piri Piri blend. Perfect for Chicken and Vegetables. 80g

Usage - Add a teaspoonful of honey, Olive oil and salt to make a fragrant paste. Brush the paste over your chicken and marinade for a minimum of 2 hours in the fridge. Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and Gluten free diets


Usage - Rub your Chicken, Goat Meat, Lamb, Pork or Vegetables with any of these incredible fragrant and flavour packed spice blends for your barbecue 


Storage - store in a cool dark place and away from direct sunlight. 


 1* Holy Grail Blend - The Buy Ndudu signature All purpose Spice blend aptly named 'Holy Grail' (due to its versatility) is made with 13 different premium and organic spices by the flavour curator Fafa.



The flavour profile of the Holy Grail is reminiscent of the classic Ghanaian Mixed Spice with Asian influences.

The base note of the Holy Grail blend is sweet and woody.



Perfect rub for Goat meat, Lamb, Mutton, Duck, Guinea fowl and Fish.
Add a little to your Stews, Soups, Marinade for that sweet, earthy and woody flavour most Tomato based dishes require. 


ALLERGY - All products are made in an environment where Crustaceans and Nuts are used.

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