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Ataadi - Box of 5 Chilli Sauces
Ataadi - Box of 5 Chilli Sauces
Ataadi - Box of 5 Chilli Sauces
Ataadi - Box of 5 Chilli Sauces
Ataadi - Box of 5 Chilli Sauces

Ataadi - Box of 5 Chilli Sauces

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Fresh batch to be dispatched on the 20th of January, 2022.

Introducing our 5 different flavoured, unique (slow cooked in a claypot) flavoured Ataadi sauces



Slow cooked smoked bacon lardons with shrimps in a claypot. Perfect as a base for your Jollof, Gari Fortor, Couscous, Pasta dishes, one pot Chicken dishes & Turkey.

Heat level : Medium

ALLERGY - Contains Shrimps and Nuts

Ingredients - 3 different red peppers, smoked bacon, shrimps, onions, ginger, cold pressed coconut oil, groundnut oil, cayenne pepper, chillies, wild herbs & spices

Weight - 250g



Slow cooked Anchovies in organic olive oil, Green Chillies, charred Onions, herbs, spices and in a Claypot reminiscent of the traditional Ghanaian Abobi Tadi (Keta School Boys) fills each bottle. 110g


A mildly spiced, umami packed, taste of the Sea Sauce with a refreshing finish to one’s palette.

 Weight : 110g

 HEAT LEVEL : Medium 



Use as a condiment for your Fish/Steak and Chips or as a marinade for Roast Chicken or Lamb.

Add to your stir fries or cheese sauce for that umami flavour.

Add to your Yoghurt to make a dipping sauce

Use as a marinade for most Fish and Seafood dishes including your Potatoes and Pasta dishes.

Ingredients: Dried Anchovies, Onions, 3 types of Green peppers, Jalapeños, Rosemary, Organic Ginger, Organic Olive oil, Organic Garlic & Spices

ALLERGY - Made in an environment where Nuts and Crustaceans are used 



Cured Goat meat pieces and shredded clay roasted leg of Goat in spices and herbs, slow cooked in a 3 red pepper sauce, organic cold pressed Coconut oil and  seasoned with smoked shrimps. 110g

FLAVOUR PROFILE - Aromatic, sweet, goat meat flavour  with a medium heat level

USES - A perfect sauce for your fried Rice, Stir fries, Couscous, Bulgar Wheat, Fonio, Quinoa, Waakye, Gari, Kenkey, Banku, Yam chips, Cocoyam Chips, Potato chips etc…

Weight : 250g

ALLERGY - Contains Shrimps and made in an environment where nuts are used.


INGREDIENTS - organic cold pressed Coconut oil, Goat Meat, Shrimp, fresh Ginger, Garlic, Onion, 3 types of Red Peppers, smoked chillies, pink himalayan salt, spices & herbs



Inspired by the Ghanaian Black Chilli sauce known as 'Shito', is this perfectly seasoned Black King Chilli Prawns sauce infused with aromatic spices and slow cooked to perfection in a claypot for 5 days.

A versatile sauce that works as a marinade and a condiment. This recipe is unique to my family’s heritage which includes my own twist; hence you won’t find it anywhere else.

Weight: 110g




Use a teaspoonful for your toast or Scrambled Eggs for breakfast 

Add a teaspoonful to your Mayonnaise and serve alongside your Fish/ Steak and Chips.



Marinade your Chicken or preferred Meat with the Black Prawn sauce, add some Coconut Milk for a quick Curry dish or a one pot Rice, Bulgar Wheat or Fonio dish.


Stock base

Add to your Beef stock or broth and add your Rice for an instant seafood flavoured Braised Rice dish. 



Black King Prawns, Crayfish, Onions - Organic, Organic cold pressed Coconut Oil, groundnut oil- Organic, African Birds Eye Chillies, Wild Herbs & Spices 

ALLERGY:  Contains crustaceans such as King Prawns, Crayfish and Nuts due to the inclusion of Groundnut oil. 



Intense slow cooked smoked Hake Chiili sauce in a claypot. 
Flavour profile - Sweet and Smoky flavour with a slight tangy finish to one’s palette.


Add to your stir fries, fried rice, scrambled eggs, toast, Kedgeree, baked eggs, devilled eggs or add to your Mayonnaise as a dip. Enjoy with Kenkey, Banku, Waakye, Gari, Attieke etc

Weight : 110g

 Ingredients: Smoked Haddock, Cayenne Pepper, Red Peppers, Smoked Paprika, Star Anise, Cold Pressed Organic Coconut oil, Rapeseed oil, herbs & spices

ALLERGY ADVISE : Made in an environment where Nuts and Crustaceans are used 



Avoid contact with moisture.

Always ensure there's enough oil on the surface to keep this condiment fresh for longer

Always use a dry spoon 

Use a clean Kitchen Paper towel to clean inside the neck of the bottle where you can see any excess sauce. 

Store in a dry dark place after each use. 

Once opened must be used within 4 weeks.


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