-- Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs – Buy Ndudu
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs
Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs

Complete Set of 9 Seasonings & Rubs

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 -  is made from fermented locust beans (known as DawaDawa in Ghana, as Iru in Nigeria); is mixed with spices and herbs by our in house flavour curator Chef Fafa.

DawaDawa is pungent in its initial smell (due to its fermentation) but also has a dark chocolate and roasted coffee base smell.
A strong umami and Miso flavoured seasoning that gives your savoury dishes a depth of flavour.

FLAVOUR PROFILE - A West African Vegan Miso flavour.  The Dawdawa/Iru Vegan Seasoning blend has been mixed with earthy, sweet Aromatic spices and herbs to create a traditional West African flavour. 

USES - perfect for Stews, Sauces, Gravies, Vegetable Soup and practically any dish that requires a strong Umami flavour. A great substitute to fermented fish sauce.


1 * BOLU BLEND - made from smoked dried shrimp, crayfish, smoked paprika, wild herbs and spices. ‘Bolu’ means Prawns / Crayfish/ Shrimps in the Ewe language from Ghana.

The Bolu blend is smoky, sweet and earthy in its flavour profile and compliments most dishes that require that sweet base flavour.  80g

Add a teaspoonful or two to your Rice dishes, Vegetables, Jollof Rice, Waakye stew, Pepper soup, Light soup etc for that sweet balance of flavour. 

ALLERGY - CONTAINS SHELLFISH and may contain nuts


1 * KOOBI BLEND - The first ever Koobi blend curated by recipe curator Fafa.  

Pink Himalayan cured and air dried blended Tilapia with aromatic herbs and  African spices. 80g

Best used in Goat Meat Stews, Fish soup,  Spinach soup, Abom, Raw Pepper (Spicy Salsa), Angwa Mo or Coconut Rice.

A perfect inclusion to your dishes for that distinctive, all natural West African Umami flavour. 

 1 * ABOBI (ANCHOVY) BLEND - Abobi means Anchovies in the Ewe language from Ghana. It’s also popularly known as Keta School boys and serves as a rich source of Protein in our diets.

Anchovies are high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and Vitamin B3, B12, Selenium, Iron and Calcium


Inspired by the West African Abobi Tadi is this Anchovy seasoning blend. Add to your sauces, Chicken dishes, Salad dressings, Bolognese, Stews, Potatoes, Pasta, Rice, Fonio, Soup, Salad toppings etc


1 * PREKESE BLEND - The Aidan Fruit Tea blend which also doubles up as one of West African Seasonings is blended with organic cloves & Alligator Pepper.


The Aidan fruit (Prekese) is an excellent source of calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids, and phytochemical.


A sweet woody and spicy taste. Can be used to make an African Chai. Just add it to your milk and simmer gently for 20 minutes. Add your preferred sweetener or try our minty flavoured honey.

The Aidan fruit Tea blend can also be used as a spice blend for robust flavoured Meat such as Goat, Mutton, Lamb and poultry such as Guinea fowl, Duck and Turkey. 


1 * DZOLOF BLEND - The blend includes all the essential flavour profiles of a classic West African Jollof Rice with the 'Ndudu Twist'. 

Made from Organic Tomatoes, Smoked Paprika, African Nutmeg, premium and organic spices, the Dzolof blend has a sweet, smoky and aromatic flavour which are essential flavours required for any flavour packed Tomato stew. 

Suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians


1 * ROSE HARISSA - Our North African inspired Rose Harissa spice blend has a sweet and spicy base notes, with an earthy and floral aftertaste.

This makes our Rose Harissa blend the best choice for Meat, Chicken, Fish, Eggs or Seafood. Whenever a recipe requires Chillies just use our Rose Harissa instead for that depth of flavour.


Perfect Rub for your Meat, Chicken, Duck and Guinea Fowl. Great inclusion to any Seafood or Fish dish that requires a little kick.

Sprinkle a little over your natural yoghurt, mayonnaise, satay sauce and potatoes for that ultimate aromatic spice flavour.

Africa’s birds eye chilli has been mixed with, citrus peels, smoked paprika, wild herbs and aromatic 6 other spices to make this smoky, earthy and tangy Piri Piri blend.


Perfect for Chicken, Fish , Lamb, Mutton, Goat Meat and Vegetables. 

Add a teaspoonful of honey, Olive oil and salt to make a fragrant paste. Brush the paste over your chicken and marinade for a minimum of 2 hours in the fridge. Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and Gluten free diets

discover the nutty, earthy and smoky West African BBQ  Rub aptly named Xorla - 'Redeemer'.

The Xorla BBQ Rub is inspired by the classic Suya and Yaji spice blends of both Nigeria and Ghana and made from 11 unique premium and organic spices and herb formulation.

 Redeem your taste buds with a sprinkle over your meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. 

Usage - Great as a marinade or rub for your Goat meat, Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Guinea fowl, Duck or Vegetables.

Please use a dry spoon to scoop the blend. Ideal for home freezing.

(Allergy: contains Peanuts)

- All products are made in an environment where nuts, crustaceans, milk and eggs are used

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