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Grains of Selim- hwentia
Grains of Selim
Grains of Selim
Grains of Selim - Uda, Hwentia , Etso

Grains of Selim Pepper - Etso /Hwentia/ Uda

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Grains of Selim, known as ‘Etso’ in Ewe, ‘Hwentia’ in Akan (languages from Ghana) and in Nigeria as ‘Uda’, is a popular spice used in most dishes for that musky black peppercorn flavour.


Grains of Selim can be added to porridges , stews, soups, drinks, Coffee and Teas.

The popular West African barbecue spice mix known as ‘Yaji spice’ or ‘Suya spice mix’ includes this amazing spice.

In Senegal the popular Café Touba also includes this amazing spice.
The taste of the Grains of Selim is best described as a cross between black peppercorns, lavender with woody hints.
The seeds do have a bitter taste which makes it a complex and amazing spice to try.

If you’ve tried any of our Ataadi Chilli sauces the. You have tasted the musky black peppercorn like flavour of Grains of Selim (Etso)
Grains of Selim
Cleaned and packaged in an environment where Nuts and Crustaceans are used 

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