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Koobi - Salted Tilapia Fish
Koobi - Salted Tilapia Fish
Koobi - Salted Tilapia Fish

Koobi - Salted Tilapia Fish

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Koobi is the traditional salted Tilapia fish from Ghana used in soups, stews, pulses and rice dishes.

The flavour profile of Koobi is salty with an umami base flavour.

The traditional process of curing Fish in Ghana was used to create this fragrant Salted Tilapia Fish. 

This particular Koobi has a less pungent smell whilst retaining its strong Umami flavour due to a unique process Fafa uses. 

The Tilapia has been cured and sun dried in Pink Himalayan Salt, Herbs and African spices for that Ndudu Twist.

The process of curing and sun drying takes up to 6 weeks hence limited stock. 


Best used in sauces, stews, soups, rice and in my case Arancini Balls. A perfect inclusion to your dishes for that distinctive African Umami flavour.



STORE - Store in a cool dry place. Ideal for freezing.

 INGREDIENTS - Pink Himalayan Salt herbs & Spices

ALLERGY - made in an environment that uses nuts and crustaceans 

 Only available in the UK