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Arañitas de Plàtano - Shredded Green Plantain Fritters


Let’s start our Christmas series with this Puerto Rican and Togolese fusion of shredded and seasoned Green Plantain Fritters.

The Puerto Rican Arañitas de Plàtano (made from shredded Green Plantain, seasoned with salt and sometimes Garlic), has been seasoned with grated Onions inspired by the Togolese Ahayo snack (where finely diced ripened Plantain and Onions are fried together to form a savoury caramelised cluster).

This Gluten free Green Plantain Fritters works perfectly as a canapés base (serve with your favourite topping) or with a dipping sauce.


1 large Green Plantain, peeled and shredded lengthwise using a grater

1 grated medium Onion

Salt to taste or Buy Ndudu’s Koobi Salt

Preferred oil for frying 




Transfer the Grated Green Plantain, Onion & Salt into a bowl.

Mix everything till it’s well combined

Scoop a tablespoonful of the seasoned Grated Green Plantain mixture; using both hands mould into a disc shape and set aside

Repeat this process till you’ve used up your mixture.

This recipe made 8 medium sized Green Plantain Fritters


Using a non stick frying pan and your preferred oil for frying, heat your oil up for 4-5 minutes on a medium heat.

Gently add the Green Plantain fritters and fry on each side for 3 minutes.

Using a colander drain off any excess oil and enjoy with your favourite dipping sauce or use as a base for your Canapés.



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