-- OUR STORY – Buy Ndudu


'Ndudu' was coined out of the word 'nududu' which means food in the Ewe language from Ghana, West Africa. 

'Fafa', my traditional Ewe name means 'Peace', hence 'Ndudu by Fafa' is  'Food by Fafa' and 'Buy Ndudu' is 'Buy Food'; Then again it's not any other food ooh! It's that Ndudu Twist. 

Inspired by 100 year old recipes (thanks to my Grandma) who passed such knowledge to my Mum I present the African Palette in it's entirety. 

In the last 12 years I have curated over 1000 new and traditional African recipes, new cooking methods, different ways of incorporating new flavours and a clear way of explaining the West African flavour. 

Each product is reflective of my knowledge and experience in creating recipes and distinctive flavours. The Spice blends and Seasonings are freshly made each week and gently smoked in a claypot to enhance their natural flavours.

Buy Ndudu's ethos is to revive the ancient and all natural seasonings of West African origin; paying particular attention to their health benefits and the best way to cook with them. 

All ingredients used for our spice and natural seasoning blends are carefully selected for their premium quality and where possible we use organic products. 

Buy Ndudu brand of foods are carefully curated, unique, handmade products made in England and in small batches.

Buy Ndudu allows you to enjoy the amazing African Palette and experience in the comforts of your home, as we say Akpe (Thank you).  

May your next grocery shopping include a few items from handmade Buy Ndudu products and may you introduce a family or friend to us.

Akpé lo