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‘Buy Ndudu‘  translates to ‘Buy Food’, however it's not any other food, it is the Ndudu Twist. An online cultural grocery shopping experience packed with heritage recipes, fusion cooking and more.
Each individual product has been sourced from certified places and carefully blended with over 30 years of cooking knowledge and experience by the recipe curator Fafa. 
Fafa started writing recipes over 10 years ago as there were lack of documented recipes from the motherland. Fafa wrote under the blog name 'Ndudu by Fafa' which has over 300 recipes to date. 
Fafa also writes for her lifestyle and food fusion blog www.fafagilbert.com and has over 500 recipe videos on her YouTube channel, 'Ndudu by Fafa'. 
Fafa had her own cookery show on Sky ABNTV and featured as a guest chef a few times on ITV This Morning, BBC and occasionally writes for www.Today.Com 
Fafa has curated a formulation of spices based on the 5 types of flavours (sour, bitter, salty, umami and sweet), her African heritage and diverse food experiences in both Europe & Asia. 
Buy Ndudu Spice BlendsA total of 7 customised blends from the recipe curator Fafa makes the first Complete Box Set namely, 
Xorla BBQ Rub  - Nutty and Smoky (contains nuts)
Edze - Salt flavour without the Salt 
Herby blend - Wild and Organic herb blend 
Dzolof blend - Sweet and Smoky 
Holy Grail Blend - All purpose Spice blend 
Carib Gold - Aromatic Caribbean Curry Spice blend 
Masala blend - Aromatic, earthy and woody 
Fafa has also created a set of 4 Spice Blend Boxes namely the Heritage Box, Palette Box, Dunu Box and the Foodie Box where each blends compliments each other.
Each spice blend is slow roasted in Claypots to maximise their flavour profile and were created with researched feedback from customers and subscribers over the years. 


  • Do you have a shop or a contact in Ghana who sells your products?
    Will love to buy some of your products.

    Abigail Osei- Mensah
  • I want them all 😩😩😩😩 they look so beautiful

  • Can I be your distributor here in Nigeria?

    Patience sowu
  • Can I be your distributor here in Nigeria?

    Patience sowu
  • How do I get these spices. I live in London. And what are d prices.


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