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Chicken Yassa using Yassa Seasoning blend

Yassa originates from the Casamance region of Senegal in West Africa. The versatile Yassa recipe can be made with Chicken, Lamb or a firm white fish.



‘A tangy Lemon and sweet onion marmalade flavour infused into a nutty fried Chicken reduced stock’.

4 Chicken Thighs or 8 Drumsticks
Sliced 6-7 medium sized Onions
2 large zest and juice of Lemons

1 medium sized Lemon cut into rings
1 tablespoonful of our Yassa Seasoning which includes Mustard.
2 bulbs of peeled and sliced Garlic
2 Bayleaves
1 dried Scotch Bonnet 
2 tablespoonfuls of White Vinegar

500ml of Water
Preferred unscented oil for frying
Koobi Salt to taste



In a bowl add the Chicken, Koobi Seasoning Salt, the juice and Zest of Lemons and mix till well combined. 

Let the Chicken marinade for an hour in the refrigerator.

Once marinated remove the Chicken pieces onto a plate and reserve the residual zest and Lemon Juice. 

Add the sliced Onions, Garlic, Vinegar and Salt to the Zest and Lemon juice and mix till well combined 

Place a saucepan with your preferred oil on a medium heat for 4-5 minutes.

Fry the Chicken pieces (skin side down first) until browned as shown above. This usually takes 8-10 minutes.

Place the browned Chicken onto a plate and sprinkle a teaspoonful of  Yassa Seasoning over it (whilst its hot).

Reserve 4 -5 tablespoonful of the oil used in frying the Chicken and add the marinated Onions and Garlic. 

Fry the Onions and Garlic on a medium heat till browned (this takes 15-18 minutes)

Once browned, add the Chicken and gently fry for 5-6 minutes (this allows the chicken to absorb the sweet Onion and Garlic flavour. 

Add the water, Bayleaves, and dried Whole Scotch Bonnet to the Chicken. Mix everything together and allow to simmer for 25 minutes. 

Add the thinly sliced Lemon rings and cook for a further 20 minutes. 

Taste for Salt and adjust to your personal preference. 



Best eaten 24hrs later 

Great to batch cook this recipe as it freezes well

A must add to your weekly meal planner


Traditionally Chicken Yassa is served with steamed Rice, however I prefer it with the French 'Brandade de Morue'. 


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