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Goat Meat Khebab with Xorla BBQ Rub recipe

Goat Meat Khebab


500g of diced Goat Meat

3 teaspoonful of the Xorla BBQ Rub

2 large Green Peppers cut into chunks 

1 large Onion cut into chunks 

1 teaspoonful of natural yoghurt 

2 tablespoonful of Coconut oil or your preferred oil

Salt to taste



Add the Yogurt to the Goat Meat and mix well and marinade for an hour in the refrigerator.

This will tenderise the meat muscles and make for a moist Khebab 

Xorla BBQ Rub

Add the Xorla BBQ Rub and mix well till it’s well combined.

Marinade preferably overnight or for a minimum of an hour

When ready to grill or barbecue remove the meat from the refrigerator , add your salt to taste, mix till it’s well combined and bring it to room temperature for about 20 minutes.

Whilst the meat is marinating soak your skewers in water. This will prevent the skewers from burning when barbecued or grilled.


Insert the skewers into the meat  and brush with oil.

Heat your griddle pan or light up your barbecue to a medium heat.

Grill the meat for 3 minutes on each side. Just when your Meat is ready  sprinkle an extra teaspoonful  of the Xorla BBQ Rub over it and serve.

Goat Meat Chinchinga  


In a Wok or frying pan, add your preferred oil and add your Onions and Salt to taste.

Stir fry for 50 seconds and add the Green Peppers.

Stir fry for a further 50 seconds and serve with your Khebab.

Alternatively you can serve with a warm flat bread, Masala Rice and a Tomato Salad.



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