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Honey fried Cod & Rose Harissa


500g of Cod fillet with a 3 inches thickness 

2 tablespoonful of Honey

Half a teaspoonful of Rose Harissa 

1 tablespoonful of Lemon juice

1 tablespoonful of Olive oil

1 Lavender stalk (optional)

Green Almonds ( Unripened  fresh Almonds) or you can use soak and peel normal Almonds

Half a teaspoon of Bolu Blend (smoked Shrimp)

Salt & Pepper to taste


Season your Cod Fillet with the Rose Harissa, Bolu blend, Olive oil and Salt to taste for about 15 minutes.

In a non stick pan and the lowest heat possible add your honey and the Cod Fillets, Lavender stalk and Almonds

Slow fry the Cod fillet for 3 minutes on each side. Turn the heat up and add the Lemon juice and turn the Heat off.

Transfer the Cod, Almonds and sauce into a bowl

Peel and cut a medium sized Onion into quarters.

Pour hot water over the Onions and quickly remove them, place them in cold water and remove quickly.

Use a blowtorch to char your Onions or place it under the grill at 220*c till you see the Onions caramelising 

Place the charred Onions into a bowl and season with Salt and Pepper.

Add the Onions to your Cod and enjoy with a bowl of steamed Jasmine Rice.

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