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Honey Glazed Barbecued Guinea Fowl

Herby & Edze Guinea Fowl recipe

Make this quick Honey Glazed Barbecued Guinea Fowl recipe and thank me later. The flavour profile is that of a sweet, salty and herbaceous nature which compliments the somewhat Haney flavour of the Guinea Fowl

The Herby and Edzè blend from the Palette box mixed with honey elevated the flavour of the Guinea Fowl. In the absence of Guinea Fowl you can use Chicken or Duck.

To achieve this you’ll need to purchase the Palette box 


1.2kg of Guinea Fowl
1 teaspoonful of Pink Himalayan Salt mixed with any herb of your choosing
4 tablespoonful of Olive oil
4 large quartered Onions
5 tablespoonful of Honey
1 teaspoonful of Herby Blend from Buy Ndudu
1 teaspoonful of the Edzè blend from Buy Ndudu 



Watch how to prepare this quick and flavourful Honey Glazed Guinea Fowl recipe below;

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