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Koobi & Coconut oil infused Eba in Leaves using Koobi Salt

Family let’s make this soft and pliable Gari Eba wrapped in leaves using Buy Ndudu’s Koobi Salt. 

Thaumatococcus Daniellii leaves (Waakye leaves/ Ewe Eran) are typically used for wrapping food across West Africa.

In Ghana it’s used in serving the popular Vegetarian Gobe (Red Red), Rice, Waakye etc and in Nigeria it’s used in preparing Moin Moin.

The leaves hold a distinctive flavour that permeates through any hot dish served in it.

The oils of the leaves have a woody lemongrass taste which when paired with the Coconut infused Gari Eba makes for a delicious meal.

Gather your preferred Stew or Soup and savour the amazing West African flavours of this dish.



150g of Gari

1 tablespoonful of organic cold pressed Coconut oil

Half a teaspoon of Buy Ndudu’s Koobi Salt

200ml of hot boiling water 



In a bowl add the hot Water, Koobi Salt and Coconut oil.

Mix till well combined and add the Gari whilst mixing

Mix till the Gari is firm and transfer to your Banana leaves or Waakye leaves

Fold your Eba in your preferred leaves whilst hot and transfer into a bowl with its lid.

The heat from the Eba will allow the sweet Banana leaves or Waakye leaves flavour permeate into the Eba.

Due to the presence of the Coconut oil, the Eba can be refrigerated and will still be soft.

Serve with your favourite soup or stew

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