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Koobi Macaroni & Cheese using Koobi blend

Fridays are for easy to follow and make recipes, hence we have curated this West African version of Macaroni and Cheese using the Ghanaian salted fish called Koobi using our Koobi blend.


150g of grated Extra Mature Cheddar
150g of Gruyere Cheese
100g of Red Leicester Cheese
3 tablespoonful of Olive oil or Butter
2 tablespoonfuls of All purpose flour or Corn flour (for a gluten free version)
400ml of Whole or Semi Skimmed Milk

2 tablespoonful of Koobi blend
1 teaspoonful of Rose Harissa
1 levelled teaspoon of All Purpose Holy Grail blend
1 levelled teaspoon of Herby blend

1 large sliced Onion
400g of Penne Pasta
Salt and pepper to taste

Watch how to prepare this quick, flavour packed Koobi Mac & Cheese below;


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  • Hi Fafa
    I am so much in love with your recipes. They’re so amazing. I’m reaching out from the US. How do I get your ‘die for’ blends to buy? Pls let me know. Thanks


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