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Meat Balls seasoned with Organic Baobab & Shiitake Seasoning

Family, let’s make this no fuss quick Meat Balls recipe for Lunch or Dinner.

This recipe makes for a crunchy, moist and flavourful Meat Balls dish.


250g of minced Beef / Pork / Goat Meat / Lamb / Chicken or Turkey 

1 finely diced large Onion

1 large diced Tomatoes 

1 medium size diced Carrot

3 tablespoonfuls of Olive oil

4 tablespoonfuls of water or your preferred stock

1 teaspoonful of our Herby blend

Half a levelled teaspoon of our Yellow / Red Scotch Bonnet flakes

1 teaspoonful of our new Organic Baobab & Shiitake Mushroom seasoning 

Salt to taste



In a bowl add your minced meat or poultry 

Add the onions, carrots, herby blend, scotch bonnet flakes, olive oil, the juice and seeds of the tomatoes, water and salt to taste

Mix everything together till it’s well combined and add the diced tomatoes. 
Gently incorporate the diced Tomatoes into the mince and shape them into hand size ball shapes.

Use a little bit of oil for a smoother finish when moulding the balls (optional)

In a Wok or Frying Pan add your preferred oil for frying and heat it up on a medium heat for 5 minutes 

Gently drop the meat balls and fry for 5 minutes on each side.

Drain the excess oil by placing the fried meat balls in a colander 

Serve immediately with your preferred Tomato sauce; enjoy as a snack or serve as part of a Canapé board.

Personally I enjoy mine as a snack and refrigerate the rest in an airtight container.

As and when I need a quick meal, I toss it into my tomato sauce for Pasta, Rice or use as a sandwich filling.


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