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Piri Piri Blend (Aromatic Chilli Blend)

Our Piri Piri blend has been formulated in an unique by the Spice Curator Fafa. The spicy, citrusy, aromatic and earthy blends of the Piri Piri spice makes it versatile.

Piri Piri Spice Blend

Made from African Birds Eye Chillies, smoked Peppers, citrus peels, nutrient packed spices and herbs, our Piri Piri blends works perfectly with any stews, soups, Rice, Fish or Vegetarian dishes. 

Instead of using any Chillies for your recipes, substitute it with half a teaspoon of our aromatic Piri Piri blend and thank us later.

The Piri Piri blend comes in our African Barbecue Spice Blend Box of 4, which includes Rose Harissa and our Barbecue Blend Xorla.

Add a little to your casseroles, sauces, soups, stews, pies, grills or barbecues for that ‘Ndudu Twist’ to your dishes.

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