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Surf & Turf Jollof Rice recipe using the Dzolof & Bolu Spice & Seasoning blend


Whilst walking towards my guest (with a bowl of my Surf & Turf Jollof rice), I noticed her anxiety whilst checking her flight details and glad I made the Surf and Turf Jollof Rice.

As I laid the plate with a fork (no formal dining setting) on the table she echoed ‘I’m not hungry’, whilst glued to her phone and I responded ‘just have a mouthful’. I quickly served myself a portion to join her at the table and noticed she was halfway through her Jollof Rice.

My guest exclaimed ‘this is the best Jollof ever’, whilst grabbing the Prawns off my plate , finishing her plate  and going for seconds.

The next morning she called to say thank you for hosting her and enthused about the Surf & Turf Jollof Rice.

I shared the live cooking recipe on my Instagram stories and knew I had to share the recipe that got my guest smiling.



350g of Jasmine Rice

7 tablespoonfuls of melted Organic & cold Coconut oil

2 large Onions cut into sizeable chunks

200g of smoky Bacon Lardons

2 tablespoonful of Tomato Purée

3 large Green Chillies

350g of Corned Beef 

500g of frozen pre cooked Prawns or fresh Prawns/Shrimps

300g of blended fresh Tomatoes 

3 Bayleaves

Half a levelled teaspoon of grated Nutmeg

1 tablespoonful of the Dzolof Spice blend

1 tablespoonful of the Bolu Seasoning (Smoked Shrimp Seasoning blend)

150ml of water

Salt to taste


* Wash your Jasmine Rice till the water runs clear and soak it in 150ml of water

* Add the Coconut oil, Bacon Lardons, Onions & Salt to taste to a saucepan 

*Place the saucepan on a medium heat setting

* Gently fry the mixture for 5 minutes 

* Add the Tomato purée and mix till well combined 

*Let this mixture fry for 8 minutes whilst you stir regularly (to avoid the bottom of the saucepan catching)

* Add the Green Chillies and fry for a further minute.

* Add the blended Tomato mixture to the saucepan and mix till well combined 

* Reduce the heat to its lowest setting and let it cook for 20 minutes (ensuring you stir it regularly)

*Add the frozen Prawns, mix and cook for 2 minutes 

* Remove the Prawns from the mixture and set aside for later

* Add the Corned Beef and mix till it’s well combined. Cook for 5 minutes still on the lowest heat possible.

* Add the Nutmeg and Bayleaves, mix and cook for 5 minutes

* Add the soaked Jasmine Rice including the Water to the Tomatoes Stew

* Mix till well combined and increase the heat to a medium setting for 8 minutes 

 * Taste for Salt and add more if required (to your own taste)

* At this point your Rice should be simmering nicely and generating steam.

* Cover the Jollof Rice using either the Ghanaian Waakye leaves, banana leaves or greaseproof paper to trap in the steam.

* Reduce the heat to its lowest setting and let the rice cook uninterrupted for 15 minutes.

* Give the rice a gentle stir making sure the top grains end up at the bottom of the pan and vice versa.

* Cover again and cook for a further 15 minutes (still on a low heat) 

* After 15 minutes add 2 tablespoonful of Organic Cold Pressed Coconut oil to the Jollof and mix till combined.

*Add the Prawns back to the Jollof rice and cover and cook for 2 minutes 

* Remove from the heat and it’s ready to serve.





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