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Sweet Plantain & Salted Fish (Koobi Blend) Cakes

Family, if you have over-ripened Plantain and Buy Ndudu’s Koobi (Salted Fish) Seasoning blend then this is no fuss, quick recipe is for you.

The Salty Umami Fish flavour of our Koobi Seasoning blend pairs well with the Sweetness of the Plantain. 

Find the video recipe on our Instagram page ‘Buy Ndudu’;


2 large over ripened Plantain

1 medium size Onion

30g of chopped Spring Onions

1 tablespoonful of Corn Starch 

1 tablespoonful of Buy Ndudu’s Koobi Seasoning blend

A pinch of Buy Ndudu’s Yellow/Red Scotch Bonnet flakes

PS: Salt was omitted from this recipe as the Koobi Seasoning blend (Salted Fish) includes Salt.


Add the ripened Plantain, Onion, Scotch Bonnet flakes and Koobi Seasoning Blend to your food processor or use the traditional Ghanaian Earthen Clay grinding bowl knows as Asanka.

Pulse on a medium power till you have a textured consistency and transfer into a bowl.

If you’re using the Asanka grind all the ingredients together till you have a textured consistency.

Add the Corn Starch and Spring Onions and mixed everything till it’s well combined.

In a frying pan melt your Coconut oil and scoop a tablespoonful of your seasoned Plantain into the oil.

Fry for 4 minutes on a medium heat on each side and serve immediately.

Best enjoyed with cooked Beans or on its own.




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