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Umami Kelewele Tomato Stew recipe

Inspired by the Ghanaian and Nigerian Plantain Porridge referred to as ‘Mpotompoto or Pottage’ respectively, is this Umami Kelewele Tomato Stew.

The inclusion of the ripened Plantain adds a natural sweetness to the stew and balances the acidity of the Tomatoes. 

The Kelewele (a popular street food from Ghana; made from Spiced Ripened Plantain) seasoning adds the aromatic warmth to the recipe.

2 large sliced Onions
4 tablespoonfuls of your preferred cooking oil (Coconut oil, Zomi, Olive oil or Rapeseed Oil)
1 levelled teaspoon of  Koobi Seasoning Salt
1 teaspoonful of our Anchovies Seasoning 
1 teaspoonful of our Kelewele Seasoning
1 tin chopped Italian Tomatoes
1 medium sized chopped ripened Plantain
1 tin Mackerel or Sardines
1 medium sized diced Green Bell Pepper


Fry the Onions and Koobi Salt in your preferred cooking oil on a medium heat for 5 minutes 

Add the Anchovies and Kelewele Seasonings and fry for a further 2 minutes 

Add the diced ripened Plantain and continue to fry whilst stirring (to avoid the bottom of the saucepan catching) for 3 minutes 

Now add the chopped Tomatoes and mix everything together till it’s well combined 

Cook on the lowest heat possible for 15-18 minutes and add the Mackerel or Sardines

Continue to cook till the oil settles at the top of the stew.

Add your diced Green Bell Pepper and turn the heat off.

This Umami Kelewele & Tomatoes Stew can be enjoyed on its own with boiled Rice, Yam, Potatoes etc

I’ll be using this stew as a base for 2 further recipes.

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy this recipe!



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