-- The Fish & Seafood Seasoning Box of 5 – Buy Ndudu
The Fish Seasoning Box set of 5
The Fish & Seafood Seasoning Box of 5
The Fish & Seafood Seasoning Box of 5
The Fish & Seafood Seasoning Box of 5
The Fish & Seafood Seasoning Box of 5
The Fish & Seafood Seasoning Box of 5

The Fish & Seafood Seasoning Box of 5

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Try the Buy Ndudu Organic Fish & Seafood Seasoning Box - a selection of five unique seasonings for your cooking.

Mix and match the individual seasonings for a unique flavour or use them all together for a more complex taste.

Enjoy fresh seafood with these natural and organic seasonings.

Make delicious Fish meals with the perfect seasonings and spice blends



1* LEMON SENEGAL YASSA SEASONING - Yassa is a popular Senegalese dish made with either Fish, Chicken or Lamb, Onions, Lime or Lemon and Garlic. A great inclusion to your spice and seasoning cupboard particularly if you’re a Seafood & Fish lover.


1* WILD MIXED HERBY BLEND - A perfect blend of herbs that doubles up as an invigorating Herbal Tea to enjoy anytime of the day.

The Herby Blend loves a Tomato based recipe as it adds its robust herbaceous, woody and citrusy flavour to it.

Add a little Herby blend to your Stews , Fish dishes, Soup, Fruit Compoté and Pies for that ultimate flavour pleasure.


1* KOOBI SEASONING SALT - blended Pink Himalayan salted Tilapia with aromatic herbs and  African spices. 

Best used in Goat Meat Stews, Fish soup,  Spinach soup, Abomu, Raw Pepper (Spicy Salsa), Angwa Mo or Coconut Rice.

A perfect inclusion to your dishes for that distinctive, all natural West African Umami flavour. 


1 *BOLU (SMOKED SHRIMP) SEASONING BLEND -  The Bolu blend is smoky, sweet and earthy in its flavour profile and compliments most dishes that require that sweet base flavour.  80g - contains SHRIMPS


1* ANCHOVIES SEASONING BLENDAnchovies are high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and Vitamin B3, B12, Selenium, Iron and Calcium . An intense umami blend of taste of the sea.



This box contains Shrimps. Made in an environment where crustaceans, milk, nuts and eggs are used.