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Headless Dried Anchovies

Headless Dried Anchovies

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Our premium headless dried anchovies from Keta in the Volta Region of Ghana, are carefully selected and naturally dried.

These headless Anchovies adds a perfect balance of salty and umami flavours to your savoury dishes. 

For your convenience the head and innards have been removed. 


Whilst the sun-dried Anchovies are naturally briny in taste; they can be briefly soaked to reduce the natural sodium content.



Packed with essential nutrients, anchovies are a great source of Vitamin D, B12, and Omega-3 fatty acids.


FLAVOUR PROFILE : Naturally Salty & intense Umami flavour



Rinse in cold water once and fry it in Coconut or Olive oil with Onions. A great base for a delicious Tomato or Green Pepper stew. 

Perfect for your Pastas, Pizzas, Stews and Salads. 

Add them to your dishes for a boost of savoury, taste of the sea flavour and healthful nourishment.

Get your delicious and nutrient-rich anchovies now!


ALLERGY : Packed in an environment where Nuts and Crustaceans are used.