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The Ancient African Seasoning Box Set of 6
The Ancient African Seasoning Box Set of 6
The Ancient African Seasoning Box Set of 6
The Ancient African Seasoning Box Set of 6
The Ancient African Seasoning Box Set of 6
The Ancient African Seasoning Box Set of 6
The Ancient African Seasoning Box Set of 6
The Ancient African Seasoning Box Set of 6

The Ancient African Seasoning Box Set of 6

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Introducing the all natural and ancient West African Seasoning Box set .The Ancient Box covers the 5 main flavour profiles that makes a West African dish.

A great present that explains the Ancient West African Food Heritage and traditional flavours. 

The Koobi Seasoning blend has been made with less Salt. The Koobi Seasoning Salt allows you to control the amount of Salt you add to your blend.



1 * DawaDawa Blend - made from the pungent, umami flavoured fermented locust beans (known as DawaDawa in Ghana and as Iru in Nigeria). Dawdawa/Iru has been mixed with earthy, aromatic and sweet citrusy herbs and spices to create a traditional West African flavour.  80g


The DawaDawa blend has a pungent and fragrant smell and a taste profile of an aromatic umami flavour.  Add a teaspoonful to your Jollof Rice, Pepper Soup, Fried Rice, Garden Eggs Stew, Kontomire stew or Vegetables.

The Dawdawa blend is suitable for Vegetarians.


1 * Koobi Blend - blended Pink Himalayan salted Tilapia with aromatic herbs and  African spices. 80g

Best used in Goat Meat Stews, Fish soup,  Spinach soup, Abomu, Stir fries, Raw Pepper (Spicy Salsa), Angwa Mo or Coconut Rice.

A perfect inclusion to your dishes for that distinctive West African Umami flavour. 



1 * Bolu Blend - made from smoked dried shrimp, crayfish, smoked paprika, wild herbs and spices. ‘Bolu’ means Prawns / Crayfish/ Shrimps in the Ewe language from Ghana.

The Bolu blend is smoky, sweet and earthy in its flavour profile and compliments most dishes that require that sweet base flavour. 

Add a teaspoonful or two to your Rice dishes, Vegetables, Jollof Rice, Waakye stew, Pepper soup, Light soup etc for that sweet balance of flavour. Allergy - Contains SHELLFISH and may contain nuts. 



1 * Holy Grail Blend - The signature All purpose Spice blend aptly named 'Holy Grail' (due to its versatile profile usage) is made with 13 different premium and organic spices.


The flavour profile of the Holy Grail is reminiscent of the classic Ghanaian Mixed Spice with Asian fusion of flavours.


Add a little to your Stews, Soups, Marinade for that sweet, earthy and woody flavour most Tomato based dishes require. 

Ingredients - organic cloves, organic black pepper, cumin seeds, organic aniseeds, organic cubeb, organic ginger, sichuan pepper, organic rosemary & spices. 80g

Suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians.


1 * Anchovies Seasoning blend (Abobi blend)

Inspired by the West African Abobi Tadi is this Anchovy seasoning blend.

Abobi means Anchovies in the Ewe language from Ghana. It’s popularly known as Keta School boys in Ghana and serves as a rich source of Protein in our diets.

Anchovies are high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and Vitamin B3, B12, Selenium, Iron and Calcium


The intense Umami flavour and taste of the Sea


To enjoy the aroma and releasing of its oils, dry roast it in a pan for 30 seconds before use

Add to your sauces, Chicken dishes, Salad dressings, Bolognese, Stews, Potatoes, Pasta, Rice, Fonio, Soup, Salad toppings etc


Pink Himalayan Salt, cured Tilapia, herbs and spices make this flavoured Salt for cooking.

Use it for your Soups and Stews for that taste of the Sea flavour.

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, Tilapia, wild herbs & organic spices 

Allergies: Made in an environment where nuts and crustaceans are used.


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